Industrial Roof Services

Industrial Roof Replacement & Repair.
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When your industrial roof needs to be replaced, or is leaking, we’re here to help.

Our industrial roof services and industrial roofing replacement service carries a 20-30 year no dollar limit (NDL) full system warranty – the very best warranty available in the roofing business. Additionally, Colonial Roofing of Virginia offers comprehensive service contracts for our industrial roofing work, assuring your property’s roof is fully maintained by the professionals who installed it.

Industrial Roof Repair, Industrial Roof Services, Replace Industrial Roof


New Industrial Roof

Colonial Roofing of Virginia offers the best industrial roof services available. We can quickly install a new roof for your industrial building.


Industrial Roof Repair

Over time, your roof can start to break down in critical areas such as flashing details. We can properly repair your roof system.


Roof Restoration

In many cases, we are able to restore roofs to their former glory. Rather than installing a new roof, call Colonial to see if we can restore your industrial roof.


Industrial Roof Service Contracts

How many square feet is your roof? A new roof could blow your budget! Colonial can perform regular inspections and maintenance on your roof.

Industrial Roof Restoration, Industrial Roof Services, Fix Industrial Roof

Highly Recommended Industrial Roofers

We are also experts in commercial and industrial roof restoration. Some roof systems, such as metal roofs, can be efficiently restored to durable, high quality standards, thereby avoiding the costs of full roof replacement. Our roofing professionals can quickly assess if your roof qualifies for restoration services, and upon completion of the project offer warranties up to 20 years in some cases.

When it’s a matter of protecting your investment, Colonial Roofing of Virginia only works with the highest quality roofing products, installed by the most trusted industrial roofing company based in Virginia. Choose the quality, integrity, and peace of mind Colonial Roofing of Virginia provides. It’s not just our motto, it’s our promise.

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